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Cody Gets His First Professional Review!

The Midwest Book Review reviewed Courageous Cody's Western Adventure in the February 2010 Issue of the Small Press Bookwatch. 

Midwest Book Review   The wild west was called wild for a reason. "Courageous Cody's Western Adventure" is the story of Cody, a young man who dreamed of a life in a more exciting time. Getting his wish, he soon learns to be careful what he wishes for as he has to struggle to survive and makes a friend out of the darling Belle. An exciting read for the young, "Courageous Cody's Western Adventure" is worth considering.


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Courageous Cody's Western Adventure

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Cody Ryan is a thirteen year old

boy from Hartford, Connecticut. He

lives with his mother and father and

he loves baseball. Cody's mom is

expecting a baby girl. Cody's life

seems close to perfect until his

parents tell him that the family is

moving to a town outside of

Hartford. Oh boy! How will he get

along now? With the idea of having

to meet new friends and go to a

new school, Cody just wants to get

away. Little does he know, his wish

will come true...




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